Sunday, October 26, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - October 25, 2008

As I sit here enjoying the quiet of the Sunday morning, I have already had my cup of coffee and my bowl of cereal and read tons of email. Now I am starting to get photos and videos from Joel and Rachel.

The first photo is Rachel fishing on John and Kim's boat on the lake that is owned by Kim's family. It used to be a quarry and then it filled up with water and became a lake! The dogs belong to her family and everyone takes care of them.

This is Kim Newton. I am surprised that she let them take a photo. She is usually camera shy! But here she is piloting the boat!!

And the video below is of them going across the lake to where Kim's dad used to live and the dogs wanted to get off over there. Of course, Rachel forgot the worms so they had to go back to the house to get them. More to come later.

I guess they went back and got the worms!!!

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