Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 365 - January 16, 2010


Saturday is always a time for us to do silly things. We picked up Adina at her girlfriend's house and then we went to the Tower Shoppes in Davie to walk around. It is an outdoor shopping area, bigger than a strip mall. We went from store to store doing silly stuff. First we played with the puppies, kittens and birds. This really pretty bird insisted on sitting on my arm. There were two birds in the cage but the other one only wanted to bite me so I stayed far away from that one.

Then we went into Bath and Bodyworks and tried all the creams so that we didn't smell like animals anymore.

Then we went into Ross and tried on weird hats. I thought that Adina looked quite attractive in this one! Very practical for the 80 degree weather that has returned to South Florida once again!

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