Monday, September 7, 2009

Project 365 - September 6, 2009

Body Painting

Ok, so they had clothes on, but Adina and her friend, Sierra, spent about two hours in the garage with white pants and short and fabric paint and splattered colorful creations all over each other.

This was only the beginning. I was watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon and taking breaks every few minutes to check on their progress. It isn't Labor Day without Jerry Lewis. Joel used to work for him for five years. But that is an entirely different story!

Behind the creative process!

My little artist is really getting into the act of splattering. She loves when I take photos of her. Such a ham!

And artists can't create without music. This was her ipod in the speakers filling the garage with Green Day sounds.

How appropriate is this bandaid? It did look like a crime scene from the TV show Dexter except in Technicolor.

And this is the final product! We hung the pants from the ladder to dry overnight.

Sierra was very proud of herself too.

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