Saturday, September 5, 2009

Project 365 - August 13, 2009

Goodbye Again

So many people wanted to say a proper goodbye to Rachel before she left for school so we had a series of dinners. This was one of them. Rachel is helping Joel in the kitchen to prepare the food. She is so used to me sticking the camera in her face, she just ignores me now.

This was an Italian meal. I think Joel was having fun cooking this meal!

In a quiet moment before the company arrived, Rachel pulled out the guitar and instead of sheet music these days it is websites with sheet music and tabulature! This used to be my guitar in college. This is the guitar that she will take with her.

This is our friend, Marc Solomon. Remember that name because someday he will be famous! He is one of the hardest working young artists that I know. He is very talented. He sings, writes and plays guitar and piano. He also teaches (that is his day job so that he can pursue his artistic endeavors). He calls me at least two or three times a week to ask me questions and the people in my office tease me and tell me that my son is on the phone!!

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