Sunday, September 6, 2009

Project 365 - August 19, 2009

Day Three

We spent the morning moving slowly (I was up at 6:30 a.m. everyday to drink my coffee on the porch and watch the sun rise over the lake. It was a beautiful sight and offered many photo ops!).

Then once we finally got dressed and moving (it was equally as hot and humid there as here in Florida) we went up to the Indiana State University campus to do what we needed to do (pay our first installment on tuition, open a bank account for Rachel, visit some staff and faculty and I even popped in on my friend's sister who works in the Records Office).

This is the sculpture outside of the brand new recreation center. It is an unbelievable gym with a pool that not only has lanes for swimming laps, but also has a recreational area with islands and palm trees and another area with a Jacuzzi that seats 23!

This is a public art sculpture. I really liked this one. Talk about "plop" art . . . what is wrong with sculpture? I can't really understand the mentality of some people that think "plop" are is a bad thing. Think about Washington, DC . . . the most famous piece of sculpture . . . the Washington Monument took a very long time to build, was over budget and is now revered and loved and it is sculpture and meant to be the burial place of our nation's first president . . . but . . . I digress.

All around campus there were signs of them getting ready for the new school year. School didn't welcome the students back until Saturday and this was only Wednesday.

Adina wanted to pick corn. Every time we would pass a cornfield we would yell out, "Hey Adina, look, CORN!" So John took us over to a friend's cornfield (otherwise you can get shot!!) and she went into the field and picked it and he showed her how to husk it. She was supposed to let it dry and then take it home, but we forgot it!!

Kim would take us out on the lake in the pontoon boat every day! The dogs couldn't wait to ride on the boat and Adina was really enjoying it too!!

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