Sunday, September 6, 2009

Project 365 - August 23, 2009

And It's Goodbye Again

Ok, so I had one more shot at taking photos of the lake. I wish I could see the leaves changing in the fall. But Rachel can send me photos of that!

This was the moment that made us all cry. We are in the parking lot of Rachel's dorm and it was time to leave for the airport. So Joel gave her one last hug and that was it. We all started with the water works. It was like the TV commercial for Walmart!!

And this is the site that greeted us when we came home. Not only did a really large poster come crashing off of the wall in the downstairs bathroom, but it knocked a shelf off of the wall which was holding some books. The books fell into the toilet and must have been in there all week because there was white, fuzzy mold growing out of the toilet and the water was all black because the ink dissolved. Needless to say, the smell was like there was a dead animal in the house. It took me about an hour to clean it up. But that was fine because we had to stay up till ab out midnight because the airlines lost our luggage and they were delivering it to our house! What a long, long day that was.

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