Sunday, November 9, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - November 9, 2008 Part II

To end this perfectly wonderful Sunday, we made plans with the Kaplans to go out to dinner to our fun restaurant in Planation called Hurricane Wings. They have other stuff on the menu, but mostly they have fun local beers on tap and tons of flavors for wings (which I really don't eat, only taste).

As we pass the time until it is time to leave for the restaurant . . . Rachel and Joel shared a laugh in our new favorite chairs in front of the house.

My new favorite beer of the moment . . .Pumpkin Beer. Sounds weird? Well it tastes good to me.

And these are the beers that you can taste to see which one you like on tap. They give you these thimble-sized tastes of each one. Since Lynn doesn't like beer, I sampled them on her behalf!

And on the way out to the car I jumped up onto Joel's back, just like when we were kids and Robert snapped this photo of us. Aren't we silly?????

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