Saturday, November 22, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - November 20, 2008

I am working on a video documentary of the process of creation, fabrication and installation of three public artworks in the Broward County collection.

This is Alison Sky, an internationally-renown public artist from Manhattan. She is on camera here being interviewed by me (I am off camera). Her artwork is called Vanishing View and is seen in the background.

Those funny looking things leaning against the artwork are water jets that will be installed at the top of the glass panels and shoot water down the glass like a waterfall into the pond below.

The workers are hard at work. It was a beautiful day and the temperature when I snapped these photos was a chilly 65 degrees. Cool for South Floridians!

This view shows you what happens when light shines through the panels. You see the shapes of the birds that live in the Everglades. There are also LED lights in the pond that will shine up through the water onto the artwork at night. So this artwork will have many different looks from day into sunset and at night.

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