Sunday, December 20, 2009

Project 365 - December 6, 2009

Ann Curry Comes to South Florida

Earlier in the week I received an invitation from the Palm Beach Photographic Centre to come up to hear a lecture by Ann Curry of NBC's Today Show. I immediately said yes!! I was so excited because I know that Ann Curry is a wonderful photographer and has shown some of her work on The Today Show. She works mainly in black and white. her father was a photographer and taught her everything about photography.

So, Joel and I went up there (after driving to Weston to drop Adina off at her Debate Tournament) only to find out that they weren't letting anyone else in because it was full. Well, somehow, I did get in, I had to stand in the back of the room, but I really didn't care. It was a wonderful presentation and her photographs are really amazing. The exhibit is entitled, "Empathy." She takes her camera everywhere that The Today Show sends her on assignment. The images are tough to look at and yet they are so human and brings remote parts of the world to reality.

The lecture took place in the West Palm Beach County Commission chambers. Ann Curry spoke with such passion and answered each question thoughtfully and fully. I found her truly engaging to listen to.

After the lecture we went into the gift shop of the Photographic Center and had our poster signed by her. Ann spoke to me for a very long time. I was first in line because Joel didn't go with me into the lecture. Instead he bought the poster and sat in line waiting for me. She was very down to earth and when I told her that I was an aspiring photographer, she encouraged me to continue and channel my life and frustrations and strife and happiness through my art.

Although it was a rainy day, it was warm and we didn't need to rush to go anywhere since Adina's tournament wouldn't be over until 10 pm and she had a ride home, we decided to walk on Clematis Street.

The street was closed for a festival. That evening there was to be a concert by Vanilla Ice. Not my cup of tea, but cool that it would be right out there on the street. As we walked I saw this bench and I really liked it. I thought that we should have something pretty like this in Broward County. The artists could have a contest to paint each bench in a different style.

We chose a Mexican restaurant for lunch and to my surprise, Joel wanted to sit outside. I love to sit outside and watch people walk by. I find it very entertaining. From our vantage point we watched the folks setting up for the Vanilla Ice concert. A huge stage, many lights with colored gels and a portable screen to project the concert onto so that everyone in the crowds would be able to see.

What really caught my attention was one drip of water that was falling from the overhang onto a high top shellacked wooden table. As the water fell and landed it created a wonderfully high splash. So I ventured over and waited for the appropriate moment to snap so that I could capture the splash.

I know that this was the first time that Joel realized what I do for my art! He never goes with me when I shoot, really shoot for hours and he was fascinated and i do think I might have impressed him a bit because he started talking about my photography to people! It is always good to have a family member on your side!

This last photo was taken from the car. We were just starting to move and I only had one chance to get it. I wanted to capture the heavy weight of the world on this woman's shoulders.

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