Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - August 4, 2008

It was an uneventful day. However I happened to walk into the girl's bathroom to do something and when I looked into the bathtub, I noticed that there was water in the tub.

Then when I questioned the girls what the problem was, they said the drain has been clogged for a long time. Of course instead of asking for one of us to help them fix it . . . they just lived with the clog. Is it me or is it weird that your children just think it is normal to take a shower with the water up to your knees??

Anyway, this photo captures Rachel digging the clumps of hair out of the drain, while Joel is reading the directions on the can of Drano, while Adina watches and learns.

Notice I get to take pictures instead of slogging through the gross water!

After the clog was cured, Adina had the pleasure of scrubbing the tub out with cleaning fluids.

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