Sunday, August 17, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - August 16, 2008

My Saturday started out with a quick breakfast of cereal and then I ran out to the gym for a quick workout. I have been newly motivated to get into shape and stay there. I visited my doctor and he said that my cholesterol is lower than a few months ago, but still too high. So, with a proper diet, exercise and a glass of red wine now and then, perhaps I can lower that number?

I snapped this photo with my new Verizon Dare touchscreen phone. It is a cool phone, and makes me want to play with the technology. I really took this photo to tease Rachel because she went to the beach and I wanted her to come to the gym with me. But how can you possibly compete with the beach??

I took this photo at BJs while we were shopping for hurricane supplies (yes, there is one brewing out there . . . it is only a Tropical Storm, but once it passes over Cuba into 85 degree water, it will most certainly whip up into something to stay clear of! So this is a Halloween costume! I can't believe we already have Halloween stuff in the stores. Although, the other day I actually saw a Christmas item. Why can't the merchandisers wait???

This photo was taken after the girls had their hair cut at the salon for their first day of school . . which may be delayed due to Tropical Storm Fay!

I took this photo at the salon before Rachel started to play with her hair . . . as we all do once we get home from the salon. Or is that only females?

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Pablo Urquilla said...

I recognize that machine. LA Fitness on Oakland and University. I'm betting I'll catch you there someday.