Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - June 21, 2008 - Part II

Still in Philly.

This first photo is of an art gallery that we stumbled upon when we were walking through the old part of town where the Liberty Bell, Carpenter's Hall, Independence Hall and Benjamin Franklin's grave are located. We were lured in by the glow of pink and lavender flowing out of the doors and the booming music.

Inside there was a bar that only served Red Bull . . . if that gives you an idea of the target market there!!

This photo is only of many that I took of the models walking the runway. I wormed my way into the large crowd and sat down on the floor to have fun with the camera. Too bad it was just my tiny Nikon pocket camera, but it did just fine! After about a half an hour, the two ladies I was with wanted to move on, but I was having a ball.

The next few photos were taken at The Clay Studio. This was part of a tour from the Americans for the Arts Convention that I was attending. There was an art gallery on the first floor. The exhibit was an interactive one and it sounded like shells on your ears but each one was shaped differently and sounded different too.

On the second floor was classroom space. On the third and fourth floors were artists in residence and one artist did a demonstration of how to use a potters wheel and made us a teapot!

The mosaic was located in the stairwell and every square inch of the walls from the first to the fourth floor was covered in tile, pottery and mirrors!! It was very cool.

This is the oldest, continuously inhabited neighborhood in America! It is the most quaint street that I have ever seen. It is a quiet, cobble stoned street with brightly colored front doors and shutters and brick buildings. I fell in love with it. It is called Elfreth's Alley.

This photo is a mobile in a Wood Turning studio and gallery. There was an artist that gave us a demonstration and tour. There were exquisite pieces of art on exhibit that I would have loved to call my own!

This photo was taken at about 2 am! Yes, I know, it is late for me, but we were having so much fun. This was in the rooftop ballroom of our hotel. All of the conference attendees were invited, free wine and beer, open mike, piano and many chairs scattered around. It was the best way to socialize, network and entertain each other and be entertained because most arts administrators are artist and performers too! This guy had the most beautiful voice and played a fine, fine guitar. He is in charge of the Art. Ask for More campaign at the Americans for the Arts.

And this photo is The Thinker and is located in front of the Rodin Museum. I didn't go in because I went to the Museum of Art instead!

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