Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - June 14, 2008

Today was like a date with my husband. Joel and I needed to go to the mall to get him a few things for work. As we walked into Sears we saw this scene . . . a bed with a tire. It just made us laugh. We couldn't figure out why the bed was in the auto department. Then Joel cracked a joke that he was tired. I guess you had to be there, I laughed a lot!

Later in the day I went to the pool with the girls. I grabbed the camera and started snapping away. There were many more that I am not uploading, but these were my favorite.

Notice the pink streaks in Adina's hair. I wanted to snap a few before she jumped into the pool. She was being my sweet little model here.

This was one of many jumps into the pool. I was playing with the shutter speeds to catch her in mid-air. I liked the expression on Adina's face here because it looked like she was having the time of her life. It reminded me of an advertisement.

Ah, the life of a child. The toughest thing is to worry about homework and what time they have to go to bed.

I was lounging on the chair, something I don't do very often. I was reading the John Adams book and I dozed off. When I woke up, this pretty dove was visiting me. I slowly grabbed the camera so he wouldn't fly away and I was able to snap this shot. A bit dark, but I like the colors around his eyes.

And this photo is the reflection of my girls sitting in their lounge chairs on the other side of the pool. They spend most of their time giggling and texting to their friend.

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