Sunday, July 21, 2013

Photo of the Day - July 21, 2013


This weekend was devoted entirely to cleaning out Adina's room and separating everything into piles -- one for Goodwill, one to pack for college and one to save.  Actually we ended up with a fourth pile -- garbage!

Adina and I spent both Saturday AND Sunday working on the room.  I just can't believe the amount of stuff she has amassed over the years!  I suppose I have too and if I ever have to move
from this house, it will take weeks and perhaps months to clean out the stuff that Joel and I have collected over the 33 years of our marriage.

Well, these photos tell a little of the story.

What you don't see is the garbage can in my garage that we filled to the brim and also filled not one, but two recycling containers!!  There are also three boxes filled and taped and ready for UPS next week.

I must say, I am tired, but also a bit sad because everything that went out was a little piece of Adina's childhood.  We didn't throw it all away, only the junkie stuff and the stuff that we know could be used at Goodwill.

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