Saturday, July 20, 2013

Photo of the Day - July 17, 2013

Typical Summer Morning

Standing on the corner of Andrews Avenue and 2nd Street waiting for the longest light in Broward County to change, I snapped this shot of Downtown Fort Lauderdale.  You can feel the heaviness of the humidity in the air.  You can imagine that as I stood there with my briefcase slung over my right shoulder and my lunch bag over my left shoulder with the umbrella shielding me from the raindrops, that the clothes that I selected earlier that morning were beginning to plaster themselves to my skin.  To take my mind off of the discomfort of the typical summer morning, I pulled out the iPhone and trained it in the direction of the Museum of Art with the two residential buildings in the background which were stuck in the very low clouds but didn't photograph the way I was seeing it.  However, I was very pleased to see that I caught the raindrops bouncing off the puddles in the bricked walkways.  And just like that, the light turned green and I was jerked back into reality and my workday began.

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