Thursday, May 5, 2011

Project 365 - Photo of the Day -April 16, 2011 Part II

April 16, 2011 Part II

It was a busy day, filled with lots of fun activities.  After lunch at Joy's Roti, Joel and I went home and our friend, Richard (yes, the Mayor of Lauderhill), came over (with the mid-life crisis car of course . . . with the top down) and the two of us drove up to Delray Beach to attend the Delray Beach Affair (it is an annual festival).

Unfortunately, Lynn couldn't join us since she was up in North Carolina helping a dear friend.  Of course this was the day of the TERRIBLE tornados.  Here we were driving in a convertible on a beautiful, sunny, South Florida day and poor Lynn was hunkered down with her friend, scared to death and calling Richard, but he didn't always hear the phone ring because the top was down on the car.  We started to feel guilty, but we did continue up to Delray Beach.

We walked the entire length of the festival which is on their main road.  It is a great festival, lots of art and crafts and food products that we, of course tasted all along the way.  From flavored olive oils on slices of bread, to sauces and dips, there was something for everyone.  Then Richard and I found the beer tent!!!  Okay now we were really in heaven.  We had a wonderful beer that was on tap out of the side of a truck and this beer you squeeze a lemon into it.  Mmmmmm!

After a couple of hours, we headed back to my house, picked up Joel and Adina and went to this new restaurant called "Lime."  It is a chain, but there aren't many in Florida yet.  This one is located in the Plantation Fountains Mall.  The food is fresh Mexican and there are more chairs outside than inside and I love the atmosphere.  It has a hometown feel and then the owner comes over and chats with you to make you feel right at home.  His name is Nick.  Go and enjoy and tell him that Jody and Joel told you to come there!!  We need to support our businesses.

Love Adina's Eyes! Catlike and so blue.
Adina being goofy!
Love the dining al fresco
Love what the sign says!

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