Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photo of the Day - May 17, 2011

Gallery Night at Nova High School

I am a dedicated mom.  I knew on Tuesday at about noon that I was coming down with a terrible cold.  I was at work, sneezing and blowing my nose.  As the day went on, I felt worse and worse.  But I knew that if I went home, I would never want to go out again, and Tuesday night was Gallery Night at Nova High School.

So I stuck it out at work even though everyone was begging me to go home.  I kept spraying my office with Lysol and washing my hands with rubbing alcohol so that I wouldn't share my germs.  So 4 o'clock FINALLY came around (seemed like the longest day ever) and Jose drove me to my car because he had to put three boxes of brochures in my trunk.

Jose decided that he wanted to follow me there so that he could see Adina's artwork.  We arrived a little early and they wouldn't let us in to the Media Center until 5 p.m.  When I am sick, ten minutes can feel like hours.  But it gave Jose time to meet Matt, Adina's friend, and to tease Adina a lot!  I snapped a few photos of him giving Adina a hard time.  You can tell that Adina wanted to crawl under a rock!

Finally we were able to go inside.  Adina had so much art work on exhibit that she had her own table and then two additional pieces on chairs placed around the room.  The weird cartoon drawing with the big mouth and the eight sets of lips are Adina's drawings.

Two of Adina's teachers came over to me and raved about her and what a unique and talented kid she is and a joy to have in their classes.  Boy, did that make my day!!

I entertained myself by taking lots of photos and then as I was fading and feeling even worse, I found a nice rocking chair in the corner of the room and sat there until about 7:30 p.m. when I finally texted Adina and said to meet me in the car.  I knew I needed to get home and into bed with a bowl of hot soup and medicine, but seeing Adina in her element and hearing all of her friend's and teachers' comments, well that was just outstanding and makes me feel ever so proud of my child.

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