Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project 365 - February ??, 2010

Jogger Passing By

While I was with my classmates on the beach in Deefield Beach (sorry, stuck on these images for now), this man was jogging along the shore. I took a series of shots of him as he passed in front of my camera. Then he double backed and came over to me and asked me if I had taken his photo.

At first I thought he was upset, but he was more curious because there were about 15 of us on the beach with all sorts of cameras and tripods and backpacks and stuff! So he wanted to see the shots I took of him. Then he asked me if I would send them to him! So he gave me his card and I edited a few of the best ones and emailed them off to him. I considered sending him an invoice, but didn't. Instead, I put my name on the photo so he knows it is my photo.

This shot was blurred because I had my camera on manual and set with a slow shutter speed, but the other shots were clear.

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