Saturday, October 17, 2009

Project 365 - October 8, 2009

Fun with Homework

Doing my homework for class is fun! All I have to do is play with all of the different settings on the camera and shoot and see what I end up with. Then I started using the techniques that we talked about in class and worked on. Thankfully my daughter and her friend were willing subjects.

This first photo was taken at a very slow shutter speed with the aperature all the way opened to allow enough light in to illuminate the ropes on the hammock. Then I didn't look through the lens and twisted the camera as I snapped the lens. It took a little practice to not shake the camera up and down, but I finally got the image I was attempted to get.

In this photo I wanted to distort the length of the hammock so I leaned as close as possible without touching the camera to the hammock. The girls were hamming it up for me by this point!

And in this shot I picked a focal point and zoomed in as I snapped the shutter. I must have taken 25 shots before I got what I wanted. But I had fun. Fun with homework!

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