Monday, October 19, 2009

Project 365 - October 18, 2009

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

Ok, so I wasn't in a park, it was my neighborhood, but you would never know from the beautiful flowers I was finding! I only had about 45 minutes so I didn't go too far, but the weather was wonderful! After weeks of 95 degree temperatures and super humid air, we woke up to 56 degrees and almost no humidity. I couldn't wait to get outside fast enough!! It felt so so so good!

I loved this photo because in all of the green there was suddenly this burst of color and I used a slow shutter speed so that I could show the wind blowing the pinwheel.

As I was walking around I found a dead tree stump. I touched it and pulled a little piece off of it and found this spongy material inside. I liked the texture of it so I got as close as possible and then made sure I had enough light to show the craggy parts of it.

This flower was about the size of my thumbnail. I liked taking this because it was a real challenge. I put a 2X magnifying filter on my lens and had to hold the stem because the wind was blowing pretty hard. Then I focused the camera but moved in and out manually to find the exact spot to focus on. I really liked this shot because you can see all of the pollen spilling over onto the petals.

And this last shot was a close up of a very large bloom, but I liked this alien-like quality of the spindly petals.

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