Monday, May 11, 2009

Project 365 - May 9, 2009


I started out my weekend at 7:30 a.m. with a bowl of cereal and a banana then I jumped into the car and headed east. I met my friend, Samantha, at 9 a.m. at Sunrise Blvd and A1A. We walked and talked our way all the way to Las Olas Blvd. and back. It took us a little over an hour and then we plopped down in St. Bart's Cafe for several tall glasses of water, juice and an iced coffee. By then we had sufficiently cooled off and we headed to beach. We positioned ourselves fairly close to the lifeguard stand with our toes ALMOST in the ocean.

Not a cloud in the sky, not an ocean creature to bother us in the water, I really couldn't ask for a more beautiful day.

We stayed on the beach and in the water for more than two hours and then I had to leave to pick up Adina. Samantha left me and when I called Adina, she wasn't ready for me to pick her up. So, I popped a few more quarters in my meter, headed back to St. Bart's and ordered a Mediterranean wrap and a bottle of water! It was a wonderful lunch. I sat there and did a lot of people watching and ocean watching.

This first photo was taken at about 9 am while I was waiting for Samantha to arrive. There was no one on the beach. It was so peaceful. I just sat on a chaise lounge that was chained to a bunch of other chairs and stared at this beautiful site until Samantha got there.

This was my view as I chowed down on my wrap. Lovely site for a lovely sandwich! The funniest thing is that around the corner is a biker bar and every few minutes about ten to twenty bikers would come by, scoot around the corner and then ten or fifteen minutes later they would all leave. This happened about five times with different groups of bikers! I felt like I was in a TV show or something.

And this photo just shows the sadness in my daughter's face as she struggles to understand why a friend of her's lost his life so suddenly during a Boy Scout hike in the Everglades. He was to graduate the same day as Rachel. It is a very tragic story and all of the local TV stations and newspapers were covering this story at the high school today. Here is the link to the newspaper:,0,6813684.story

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The A-Hole Guru said...

Sorry about your daughter's friend.

Interesting idea for a blog. Photos do seem to capture memories better than words.

Must be a pain in the ass to do somedays, though.