Saturday, May 2, 2009

Project 365 - April 18, 2009

Prom. A difficult time and a happy time. It marks the beginning of the end of high school. The kids are going through so many emotions, rushing to finish their high school careers, hurrying to cram in as many experiences as possible before it all comes screeching to a halt and then they have to start the rest of their lives. It is scary for them and scary for parents.

We went through many, or I should say, I went through many emotional days before the grand event. But as it got closer, I became calmer and more level headed and made sure that I was the parent and that Rachel was going to look and feel her best and i was going to steel myself and handle it.

I did have a HUGE outpouring of support from my friends and colleagues. It really helped. And in the end, all was well.

I took Rachel to the salon to get her hair done up in a fancy do. They had a ball with her and there were about a hundred bobby pins in her hair when all was said and done, not to mention about ten pounds of hairspray!!!

I helped her with her make up and before you knew it, they were off for their night of Prom. Her date, Zach, has been her friend since 6th grade.

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