Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photo of the Day - October 20, 2011


Changes, they come in all forms.  Some people don't mind change and adapt well, while others, well they just can't deal with change and get very stressed about it.

How about me?  How do I deal with change?  I have actually changed the way I react to change.  Maybe that comes with maturity, and at 54, I would admit that I have definitely reached maturity.  The other day I laughed when I realized that next year I could actually move into a retirement condominium, and legally own it.  I don't always feel THAT mature!!

So dealing with change with a bit of humor is how I have learned to approach it.  Good thing too, since we spend more than one third of our lives at work, and I do love my work, but there are so many changes going on at work.

First of all the building we are in is aging and in need of repair.  The repairs will take several years and include replacement of all of the elevators (that has been done and only took two years), replacement of all of the escalators (done and only took 18 months), replacement of each and every window in the building (huge undertaking seeing that there are ceiling to floor windows on EVERY floor (they haven't started to replace them but they have been preparing by building false walls three feet in from the windows).

With all of that activity, eight of the employees in my office have had to move to another floor while the rest of the Cultural Division remains on the 6th floor.  The Library staff insists that this is all very temporary, but after working for the County for more than 30 years, I know better!  So with that said, these photos illustrate my new office space.

I tried to duplicate my space the best I possibly could, then decorate it with lamps (since there are no windows) and with my art work and plants.  I really like my space, but miss my old office.  I try not to think about it too much though.  It took a few days to feel the new routine.   We are creatures of habit and once we repeat a routine a few days in a row, it starts to feel normal.  I guess it is a new normal.  The outcome of the change.

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