Sunday, July 4, 2010

Project 365 - July 2, 2010

Furlough Day

So what does one do on a Furlough Day? A day that one HAS to take off from work and NOT get paid for it? Well, I spent it with my family.

I got up really early (for a day off that is!!) and threw on a pair of shorts and whatever tee shirt I could find, not much make up and a pair of flip flops.

Then it was off to the JCC Day Camp to take the girls to work. But I stayed with Adina for about half an hour because she wanted me to meet "her girls."

This is Rachel with Oliver. They met at the JCC in preschool! Now they are both counselors there. Oliver's twin is also a counselor there!

Adina is being silly with Sarah. They also met at the JCC years ago and are summer friends and CITs at the JCC.

While we were waiting for all of the kids to show up they were playing kickball in their room and others were making lanyard bracelets and others were just being silly 3rd graders.

Who else but Adina would draw funny faces on the bananas?? The campers love it.

Finally we went outside to the playground. I was just getting warmed up with the camera and letting the girls play on this contraption and swing toward my camera and the Junior Counselor announces "hey it is too hot out here, let's go inside and watch movies."

Let me tell you, if I were the mom of these campers I would be complaining that my child didn't get to be outside enough for the amount of money I was paying for camp.

After my adventure with Adina, Joel picked me up and off we went to visit the doctor. Joel needed a check up because he isn't feeling right. He says that he can't explain it, but it is just "not right." So they had to take some blood samples. Don't you think the nurse looks a little bit too happy about this??

After a quick stop at home to see if Jimi showed up to work on the bathroom (he didn't) we picked up Gert and headed out to lunch. Gert and I both had Asian chicken salads . . . yum.. . . and laughed a lot at lunch. Although she was quite nervous. Her daughters want her to move into an Independent Living Center. She wanted our opinion of the place so after lunch we drove over to check it out.

The apartment is actually very, very nice with a beautiful view of the Inverrary Golf Course. She just is so sad that her lifestyle is going to change. We tried to talk to her about how she can still do whatever she wants to do, whether she uses their transportation, or have the woman that cares for her drive her around or even take a cab if she feels fiercely independent. But emotionally this is the hardest thing that she has to do.

When we took her back home I walked her into her house and we looked at all of her furniture and I told her to take it all with her, with exception of the bed which won't fit. And to paint the walls any color.  She wants  a red leather couch for the den area, so I told her to treat herself and get it! . I told her that she needs to surround herself with all of her familiar things to make herself comfortable.

Joel and I will be there for her, but her daughters have to make these decisions with her.

So Jimi FINALLY showed up at around 4 pm. Here are a few previews of what the downstairs bathroom will look like. I really wanted my RED!!!

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