Sunday, April 11, 2010

Project 365 - April 11

Singin' in the Rain

Today was the Jazz Picnic in the Park. We got about two hours into the event when the heavens opened up and rained a little too hard for us to try and stick it out. We had our umbrellas but it wasn't enough. Once the wind started to blow . . . we packed up and went home and on to other Sunday things. But here are a few shots that I took with my old Kodak Easy Share (my Nikon is still in the shop :(

Elaine was perfectly dry and glowing under her yellow umbrella.

Joel was oblivious to the rain. He was perfectly content to just sit and chill in the rain. That is Marsha on his right and my Dad on his left.

My Dad looked like he was having a good time. Still can't believe that he is 91 years old!

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