Monday, May 26, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - May 26, 2008

The girls were sleeping, Joel left for work, the sun was up and I went out with my camera. I was very surprised at the cool temperature that hit me. It is late May and still cool. How odd, but luckily for me I knew that I wouldn't be shvitzing while I was out taking photos!

So as I turned the bend behind my neighbor's house he called me over and I plopped down on the chair and he brought me a cup of coffee. How could I refuse? The breeze was strong off of the lake and these are the photos that I snapped for the two hours that I sat there with him while we chatted about life.

This is the view from the back of Ronnie and Lori's house. It is heavenly. It would have been nice to live on the lake, but there wasn't a house available when we bought here 18 years ago.

This is Rocky (hey, I didn't name him!). He was peeking around the tree to see if it was okay to take a peanut from the bird house.

This is just one of the many Blue Jays that stopped by to have peanuts. I loved the way I froze the motion of his wings as he was landing.

I love the way squirrels can eat upside down!

I liked this photo because of the way the sun was hitting the feathers, the colors are much brighter in this shot.

This guy was sitting on Ronnie's chair when Ronnie got up for a moment to refill my coffee cup.

This guy was a hungry one, he came back at least ten times!

Okay, so I finally got up out of my chair to try to focus on this gigantic spider web!

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