Sunday, May 25, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - May 24, 2008

So Jose gave me his Speedlight SB-400 flash for the Nikon camera since he bought a new one online the other day. I was so excited but didn't have much of a chance to start playing with it. I really do not like flash photography, but this flash helps the photos look more real, good skin tone and less flat, of course depending on the angle, how close you are to the subject and how you angle the flash to your subject. These photos are just me playing around with those elements.

This first photo was taken in the living room. I wanted to see what would happen with bright backlight and a dark room. I took several of these photos and angled the flash several ways and this one was halfway pointing to the ceiling.

Again, with this shot, I took about ten different shots with the flash in different positions. Some were very flat but this one had the most warmth and depth.

This photo was difficult because I was balancing dangerously on the edge of the tub's metal track that the sliding glass door moves on while I was holding on with one hand and the camera in the other hand and trying different angles. Candace was more lit than Adina in this composition. I also wanted to shoot from as high up as I could to give the feeling that we were peering into a private scene.

This photo was equally as difficult because I was laying down on my back with the top of my head flush against the tub with my feet up in the air against the wall balancing myself so that I could achieve this low angle. I didn't want the girls to appear to notice my existence. They were so busy doing pedicures that I think that they really didn't notice me.

And this last photo was taken as Rachel and I were putting the finishing touches on our hair and make up as we were getting ready to go out to a graduation party for our friend's son. I really tried to make this work with the flash, but it is hard in mirror. Rachel was ready to kill me after the twentieth photo!!

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