Sunday, May 4, 2008

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - May 1, 2008

After work I grabbed my camera and took a long walk, but I didn't really go very far. I did get to see a lot of things on my way.

This bird was hiding out in the foliage near the lake. I am very skittish now that I know that there is an alligator in the lake. So I jump every time I hear something. So far, it has been birds and lizards. I know that you have to look for the bird. I believe this bird is nicknamed a Swamp Chicken.

I just liked this one because the blades of "grass" or whatever they are called, looked very peaceful with the water inthe background.

This was a fun shot. I leaned my entire body against the palm tree. First I made sure that there were no red ants in site, they are rather painful. Then I looked up as high as I could and my neck was killing me, but it was worth the shot!

And this cutie is my neighbor's daughter. I was coming back from the lake and her grandmother opened the door and she poked her head out to see what I was doing. I shot a whole bunch but liked this one the best.

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