Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photo of the Day - November 11, 2012

Dad Learns How to Cook Salmon

So it has been about a month since I last did an entry on this blog.  Do I feel guilty?  Yes and no.  Once I completed my one year mark, I decided that I would only blog when I had something to blog about, not on a daily basis.  So here I am with something to say.

My dad mentioned to Joel that he wanted to learn how to cook salmon for himself so that he could eat at home now and then.  Normally he either goes out to eat with us or with Elaine.  But occasionally he wants to stay home and do nothing.  So hence, the cooking lesson!

Today I spent a couple of hours cleaning the house in preparation for Rachel's homecoming for the Thanksgiving holiday.  While I was cleaning, Joel and my dad went to BJs.  They bought a whole bunch of stuff that we didn't need, but also bought enough salmon for dinner and to teach my dad how to cook and have a little left over for lunch tomorrow.

These are the photos of Joel's teaching.  I was having fun and took way more photos that I am posting, but these are the best of the best.

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