Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo of the Day - November 27, 2011

Adina's AP Homework Assignment

Adina needed to work on her photography assignment.  So we grabbed my cameras and started on a walk around the lake.  I really never never know what I will find.

Of course about five minutes into our walk I discovered that I forgot to put the SD card back into my camera.  So I did the next best thing (too lazy to go back home), I pulled out my iPhone.  If my friend, Andy can publish photography books from his iPhone images, I can shoot with it too.

We found all sorts of interesting bugs and plants.  I was more fascinated by the HDR option on my iPhone.  I was just aiming at anything to see what kind of quality I would get.

I was pleasantly surprised at these results.  Nice and convenient too, except I need my reading glasses to see what the hell I am doing now!!  Oh the joys of aging.

A couple of these photos were taken outside of the house that used to belong to Jackie Gleason.  I spent a lot of time peeking into the windows and was fascinated by the 70s decor!  I remember when he lived here in Inverrary!  He would ride around the neighborhood on his golf cart with the Rolls Royce front!

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