Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - March 11, 2011


How do you celebrate your anniversary?  Do you go out for a special dinner?  Do you have a picnic somewhere surrounded by nature?

Well, Joel and I took Rachel and Adina out to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for a special dinner the night before Rachel left for school after spending a week at home for spring break.  While it was loads of fun to see our girls all dressed up and behaving with ladylike manners, it was also fun to be aware of who else was in the room.  

There were couples in their 70s enjoying a steak dinner and a glass of wine.  There were young parents with their children in tow trying to keep them quiet in this classy atmosphere.  And then there was the couple at the next table.

I noticed them when they first came in.  The young man looked a little nervous because he was seated alone.  He sprinkled red rose petals all over the table and placed a notecard in the middle of the table.  Then the young woman came into the room and sat down.

I didn't want to stare so I went back to my family and eating my delicious Sea Bass and roasted brussel sprouts and sipped my Savignon Blanc.

We did speculate as to whether he was going to ask her to marry him or if they were just celebrating in general.  But it seemed too special.

At the end of dinner they brought out these desserts with one candle in each.  So I asked them if they would like for me to take their photo.  They of course, said yes.  That is when we found out that they were celebrating their first year of dating.  How sweet!

So I gave them my card and the young woman gave me her card and I promised to email the image to her.  I just did.  I am not sure of her reaction as yet, but I thought that this was a very sweet moment and I loved the natural light even though it is very dark in the restaurant, the candles glowing help to set the romantic tone.

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