Sunday, December 5, 2010

Project 365 - Just Your Every Day Sunday

Just Your Every Day Sunday

Today we spent as a family.  Starting the day with coffee and the newspaper, then shopping at Costco, Publix and BJs, picking up Adina at her girlfriend's and then eating dinner together in the dining room.  It was all very nice and I actually had some time to put our holiday cards together and edit my photos from this weekend.

Oh, I should explain the traffic photos . . . if you look up on the highway (I-595) you will see the bikers that do the "Toy Run" each year.  They close the highway for several hours and thousands of bikers ride from the beach all the way west to Markham Park and donate toys for needy children for the holidays.  We weren't stuck in the traffic, we only had a red light, but it looks like we were!

I am ready to fall asleep, so I am not going to say very much.  But my photos should tell you about our day.

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