Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Project 365 - It Just Doesn't End

It Just Doesn't End

So the saga continues. After spending our entire summer with our house turned upside down with the leaks in each of our three bathrooms, ripping out everything from each bathroom and re-doing them, a leak in the air conditioning unit which ruined the Pergo floor which was completely replace in the living room and dining room. . . . we had a little more work done!

We had been able to save some of the Pergo wood from the living room from the center of the floor.  We stored that in the garage for a while.  A few days before Christmas we had Pat come back and rip out the carpet in the den (it was well over 10 years old and it was really, really gross).  Then he installed the Pergo wood.

Of course in the days leading up to when Pat showed up, the girls and Joel had to take EVERYTHING out of the den, except the furniture.   We found stuff in that room that we didn't know that we had!  Every single vinyl album from my youth is in that room (and I had a lot of music).  Not to mention the cassette tapes that Joel acquired when he worked at Record Bar in Terre Haute, Ind.  Then we found VHS tapes and other tapes of the girls when they were little (that will be my New Years vacation project to watch it all and label it all.

These photos are of the awful mess in my hallway and of Pat working to put the Pergo down in the den.  The final product is really beautiful.  I am sitting in the den now as the girls are up in their rooms watching movies and Joel is sound asleep in bed.  I find it very cozy in here now.

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