Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project 365 - Photo of the Day - January 23, 2009

Day two in Naples started with a breakfast with the Foundation before they went into their board meeting. Before we left we asked Adina if she wanted to come with us. Obviously from her fashionable outfit you can tell that she didn't join us!

During breakfast, Gene Crume, president of the Foundation, gave Rachel a gift bag complete with a tee shirt and other goodies. I do believe that Rachel was thrilled!

Finally, we got someone to take our photo with John Newton! This is our friend, John, who our cat is named after! We have been friends since 1974. He is a great guy, a wonderful story teller, the most patient person I have ever met and I have NEVER seen him get upset, EVER!

This is Kim with Rachel. They will be working together in the Foundation office next year.

And here we are, home again and we immediately had to put the new license plate onto the car that Rachel drives everyday.

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