Saturday, August 13, 2011

Photo of the Day - August 13, 2011

Gone Fishin'

So . . . my daughter has created an entirely new environment in her fish tank.  I feel so very sorry for the poor fish.  Although they seem alright, the water is a disgusting color of light brown and you can't even see into the tank to see the fish.

Since my daughter is off in Orlando with her girlfriend . . . Joel and I decided to clean the tank ourselves.

Off we went to the fish emporium on University.  I love going there and wandering around looking into the saltwater tanks.  The colors of the fish are so unbelievably beautiful.  I was trying my best to take photos of a sea horse, but he (or she) wasn't cooperating.  It was hiding behind a rock.  But I gave it a good try.

Then we were back home funneling half of the gross water out of the fish tank.  We had to pour most of it down the toilet.  And, I even saved the poor little baby fish that was born about two weeks ago!  

Then we poured the clean water into the tank and headed back to the fish store for more stuff . . . filters and filtered water.

The fish are doing fine.  Wonder how long this will last?

 This is the rusty color of the muck on the filter!

 See, you can't even see into the tank to SEE the fish!!

 Joel washed off all of the "plants" that decorate the fish tank and we left them in the sink to dry.

More decorative items that live in the tank but got washed up today!

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Sue Pea said...

Dearie, I don't envy you one bit. We had a tank for a while and cleaning it was my least favorite chore. Especially since the tank was on the third floor and the bathroom is on the second. I never knew how my fish survived.

Anyway, I wanted to mention -- as if there will be a next time because I'm sure Adina will take over and you will never have to clean the tank again ;-) There is lots of nitrogen in dirty fish tank water and house plants love it. So before you go dumping that stuff down the potty, you can share some with your plants.

Hope you are all well.