Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo of the Day - June 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary Jody and Joel

Okay, so I am writing this all out of order, but that is how my brain functions sometimes.  I haven't sit and edited photos in weeks.  Not because I am lazy, but because I have been preoccupied with my new toy!  I got an ipad on our anniversary.  It was partly a present from my dad and the balance from me!  My dad got an ipad in February and insisted that I needed one too!  I am glad because it has become my new appendage.

But I digress.  On June 1, Joel and I celebrated our 31st Anniversary.  I took the day off from work so that we could just spend the day together.  And we did!  We bought sandwiches at La Spada's and then went down to Commercial Blvd and the beach and sat on the benches and ate our yummy food and looked out at the ocean and just sat there like two old people!

Then I ventured onto the sand and then under the pier to take my artsy photos.  At that point I was wishing that I had my bathing suit, but I did have shorts on and I was totally enjoying the day.

Then it was off to the Apple store in Boca Raton!  I am such a geek.  I couldn't wait to get the ipad and then get home and play with it!  Which I did.

Later that evening we took the girls out to dinner and then went home and opened up presents.  A perfect day was all that I asked for and I got it.

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